Installing the planImage of digging
A plan is fine, but what about installing it? You may choose to do this yourself. Or we can project manage everything to take all the hassle out of it for you, to make it happen and to ensure you have a high quality finished product. We can obtain quotations from contractors, advise you on selecting the best for your particular project, and monitor their work on your behalf to ensure it's done as planned and to a good standard.

Sourcing productsImage of statue
Some imaginative, very different garden features are available to the trade that you won't find in garden centres, and we have access to a wide range of creative craftspeople. If your fancy turns to outdoor art, water cascades, tree seats, filigree metal, even synchronised light and sound systems, we can source the right suppliers for you.

PlantingImage of planting
You may choose to find your new plants yourself in garden centres, and plant them yourself. Or we can do it for you, sourcing from a wide range of plant nurseries around Europe to ensure exactly the right plants arrive together and in good condition. As your garden matures, we can make regular maintenance visits to ensure the new planting becomes well established and to advise on any minor adjustments